Who wouldn’t want to experience the thrill of driving an electrical RC cars? These vehicles benefit the user as they are simple to start driving right away. All you need to do is insert a fully charged battery and it is ready for driving. They are also easier than nitro cars to maintain.

The beginning of your journey starts with this article. Below is a list of the top electrical RC cars. We’ve thoroughly reviewed each and listed pros and cons. Directly after the reviews a buying guide is provided for your benefit that will be the first stepping stone for you to learn all there is to know about these vehicles. If you’re interested in other RC vehicles click here.


Electric RC Car Quick Summary

HOSIM All Terrain RC Car S911, 33+MPH 1/12 Scale Radio Controlled Electric Car – Off-road 2.4Ghz 2WD Remote Control Truck 

You are able to control the car when it reaches a top speed of 33mph. The unique feature about this RC car is the newly advanced S-Truck suspension which makes the car tough on any terrain. It drives and transitions to and from any type of terrain such as sand, grass, mud and marshland.


Rabing RC Car 1/24 Scale 15km/h Radio Controlled Electric Vehicle 2WD Off-road for Kids

This lightweight and easy steering RC car will be a winner for children. The speed is satisfactory for children and with this Rabing RC car they will learn how to match speed with manoeuvrability. The anti-shock mechanism protects the inner and outer components from impacts, so it’s strong enough to remain functional.


RC car, DeXop 2.4HZ Electric Rock Crawler Radio Control Cars off Road high speed Racing Remote Control Cars

The newly advanced powerful motor provides an impressive torque. Combining the torque with the four wheels’ high traction and anti-skid capabilities give you the force needed to climb on any terrain such as rocky areas. This rock crawler should be collected by RC car enthusiasts because of the strength it provides.


RC Car, Vatos Remote Control Car Electric Racing Car off Road 1:16 Scale 

This ready to race car comes fully assembled with everything you would need in a race car. The manufacturer also offers you rechargeable batteries and a charger. This off road racing car makes the hobby world of RC cars fun because it’s designed and developed to climb difficult paths with ease.


Rabing RC Car 2.4 GHz 4WD Stunt Car 6CH Remote Control Amphibious Off Road Electric Race Double Sided Car

High quality materials were used to manufacture this RC vehicle. It has waterproofing materials that allow it to be submerged in water for long periods. You can perform the same stunts on land and in water. The water drainage system ensures the water doesn’t affect the motor. The body spray used to leave the car looking new also protects the car from shattering and fading.


Fitiger RC Car 15km/h 1/24 Scale 2.4GHZ Radio Controlled Electric Vehicle 2WD Off-road

This is an ideal RC car for kids to start out a new hobby. Kids will perceive the speed to be rapid, giving them hours of pure entertainment. The anti-jamming frequencies ensure the car is controlled by its corresponding radio controller. The high quality materials used to manufacture the car will help protect the unit against damages.


Fitiger Remote RC Buggy Racing Car off Road Toy 1/20 Scale High-speed Remote Control Car Off-Road 2WD Radio Controlled Electric Vehicle

This is one of the best RC cars to own. There is precision in the electrical motor and frequencies that ensure the steering is responsive to the corresponding radio controller only. The semi-pneumatic rubber wheels provide assurance the buggy can be driven on rocks, grass, hills and roads with ease.


1/10 2.4 GHz Exceed RC Electric Drift Star RTR Drift Car 350 Green Version

The brushed 540 motor built into the drift car gives the result of maximum power. The power the drift car receives makes it an unbeatable machine when it comes to races. It can resist uneven ground levels because of the oil filled aluminium capped shocks. This RC is highly responsive to commands, which makes it an ideal car for beginners.


Best Electric RC Car


HOSIM All Terrain RC Car S911, 33+MPH 1/12 Scale Radio Controlled Electric Car – Off-road 2.4Ghz 2WD Remote Control Truck

This off-road truck reaches a speed of 33mph. You have full control of this off road truck from a distance of 26 feet. This Hosim off-road truck is fitted with S-Truck suspensions which provide superiority and control on any off road terrain. It’s suitable to drive on terrain including sand, grass, mud and marshlands

HOSIM All Terrain RC Car Pros

This off-road electrical car is incredibly fast for one that has a top speed of 33mph. It’s perfect for those that have experience in driving RC cars, because skill is needed to operate it. It’s fast on smooth surfaces as well as on grass. It climbs hills, goes over tree roots and goes down steps with ease. If external damage is incurred the truck is still completely functional.

HOSIM All Terrain RC Car Cons

The battery is small and it doesn’t last long. Installing a larger, more powerful battery that fits into the RC car will extend the drive periods. It can get stuck on full throttle while driving forward. If this happens the only way to prevent crashes is to turn the remote off.


The battery can do with improvement which you can do yourself. However, this is a nippy truck that is perfect to drive over any terrain. You will have fun with the tricks that you learn such as flips. Replacement parts for this truck are easy to find and install.

Rabing RC Car 1/24 Scale 15km/h Radio Controlled Electric Vehicle 2WD Off-road for Kids

You will have high steering control at a distance of 150 feet. You are able to race this vehicle with others without intercepting each other’s frequencies. This anti-jamming technology will allow you to have control over your own vehicle. The suspension in the wheels acts as a shock proof protection for its wheels and the engine. Batteries are not included in this set.

Rabing RC Car Pros

This is a perfect present to give to children. The Electric RC car is lightweight and children are able to steer it with ease. If children do lose control, the truck can survive most crashes. The run time is much higher than other cars which is ideal as you don’t need regular intervals for recharging.

Rabing RC Car Cons

This car is not suitable for adults who want to experience thrilling high speed cars. Children will believe this RC car is fast. Recharging of batteries takes approximately one hour. If you want to extend the drive time and prevent waiting, purchase an additional battery set.


This lightweight car will be a winner amongst children. It’s easy to control and steer which also makes it an ideal car for them to begin their RC car hobby. The body materials endure the inevitable crashes.

DeXop 2.4HZ Electric Rock Crawler Radio Control Cars off Road high speed Racing Remote Control Cars

The new strong motor that is installed provides a large amount of torque power. The torque power enables it to drive over most terrain. All four wheels have high traction and possess anti-skid qualities which give precision in its turns. There is a shock proof system in place which protects the electrical components.

DeXop RC Car Pros

The PVC tire material makes the drive on unleveled terrain effortless without the risk of losing grip. It’s easy to carry around as it’s very lightweight. It’s a fully assembled RC car that includes batteries for the car and a charger. Toddlers will be entertained with this RC car as it can climb over rocks, hills and trees.

DeXop RC Car Cons

The batteries used for the controller and the car drain quickly. It’s important to make use of batteries that have an extended use feature. An alternative option is to have rechargeable batteries on hand. This rock crawler is not suitable for those that pursue it as a serious hobby, but rather for individuals who are looking for an entry level car.


This is perfect for beginners and children who are still learning how to control an RC car. It’s quite fast and durable so it can cope with most terrain and endure impacts. The drive time is not the best with the provided batteries. You should rather purchase your own.

Vatos Remote Control Car Electric Racing Car off Road 1:16 Scale 

This ready to race car is fully assembled when you take it out of its packaging. All the necessary parts, as well as a battery and charger, are at your disposal from the start. The motor, wheel suspensions and excellent traction make this car perfect to drive on hard terrain such as rocks or cobble stones. It drives up an incline with ease.

Vatos RC Car Pros

The designers of this inexpensive electronic RC car didn’t compromise on the materials. It’s still durable to withstand damage from crashes. There is a 20 minute drive time, which is impressive as other models allow for shorter usage. The remote has great range so you can build your acceleration and reach higher speeds.

 Vatos RC Car Cons

Recharging of the battery takes up to 120 minutes. There is no light on the charger to indicate when the battery is fully charged. This puts the RC car at risk of overheating and damages being made to the batteries. It’s better to get the 4×4 version as it can drive over grass better than the 2×4.


It’s a perfect little car that has a great distance range which allows you to drive over extensive distances with ease. It’s highly responsive to the steering and will withstand crashes. This makes it an excellent option for most users.

Rabing RC Car 2.4 GHz 4WD Stunt Car 6CH Remote Control Amphibious Off Road Electric Race Double Sided Car 

The unique feature this car offers is that it’s almost fully waterproof. Its waterproof materials protect the motor from damages while being submerged in water for long periods. It’s able to perform 360 degree tumbling, spins and flips on water and land. The powered engine allows it to break through water with ease.

Rabing RC Car Pros

The body spray used—to maintain the car’s new look—is environmentally friendly and it prevents shattering. This RC vehicle can be used by adults and children because of the large and easy to steer controller. The buttons are easy to push. This helps inexperienced children perform tricks.

Rabing RC Car Cons

Batteries take two to three hours to recharge. If you want extended drive time without breaks, you need to purchase additional batteries.


This is one of the best RC cars to have. Its highly waterproof body allows you to perform tricks on land and in water. It’s highly durable so no matter where you drive it, the car will perform well and survive minor crashes.

Fitiger RC Car 15km/h 1/24 Scale 2.4GHZ Radio Controlled Electric Vehicle 2WD Off-road

This electric RC car is perfect for kids. It can reach a speed of 10 mph. The range distance between the car and the controller is 150 feet and is equipped with anti-jamming frequencies. The four wheels’ suspension gives the car the advantage of being able to drive on uneven terrain. The suspension also acts as a shockproof function to prevent the RC car’s electric motor from damages.

Fitiger RC Car Pros

This is the top option between all of the fast electric RC cars for children. The high quality materials used to build the RC car prevent damage. Both the motor and body will stay functional for consistent use.

Fitiger RC Car Cons

This car is not really suitable for adults. It’s built ideally for kids as a starter car to slowly introduce the skills needed to drive more advanced RC cars. This means it may bore most grownups.


Out of all the fast electric RC cars this one is the best to give as a present to children. Its low speed prevents excessive damage during crashes.

Fitiger RC Buggy Racing Car off Road Toy 1/20 Scale High-speed Remote Control Car Off-Road 2WD Radio Controlled Electric Vehicle

The RC car’s control distance is 150 feet and it can reach a top speed of 10 mph. The anti-jamming frequencies are ideal for races as you will have control of your own car even when surrounded by other racers. The wheels are made with semi-pneumatic rubber which enables the car to be shockproof, possess anti-skid traction and be suitable to be driven on any terrain.

Fitiger RC Buggy Pros

The body is made with Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) materials through which the car can drive on any off road terrain, such as rocks, with ease. This car appears to be faster than what is described on its packaging. This makes it a perfect choice for adults who enjoy high speeds to also drive this car. It’s perfect to drive indoors as it drives well on carpets and it doesn’t leave any scuff marks on wooden floors or tiles.

Fitiger RC Buggy Cons

It takes two hours to recharge the given battery while the play time will only be for a short period of 20 minutes.


This Fitiger RC buggy can be used by adults and children. It’s highly durable, has high traction and is semi waterproof. It can be driven through small puddles, without the battery incurring water damage. Acquiring additional batteries is a must to have the drive time extending beyond 20 minutes.

1/10 2.4 GHz Exceed RC Electric Drift Star RTR Drift Car 350 Green Version

This RC car has a powerful 540 brushed motor to provide the speed and torque needed to win a race. There are oiled filled aluminium capped shocks to prevent vibrations caused by the terrain. The remote control delivers a quick response as the controller is simple to handle and lightweight.

Exceed RC Drift Car Pros

The drifting that the car provides is very impressive. While driving at a high speed and performing simultaneous drifting, the car will not flip over. This is an RTR car, however modification can be made to the drift car to enhance its speed. The body is made with plastic materials; nevertheless, it’s still highly durable and sturdy.

Exceed RC Drift Car Cons

You need to research which charger will work best as the one suggested by Exceed is not a wise option. The remote control provided have proven to be faulty at times.


This is the perfect RC car to have for drifting. The wheel traction ensures the car doesn’t flip or lose control during the drift. It’s easy to use for both adults and children. The RC car also provides endless hours of fun and entertainment.

Electric Car Buying guide

An electrical RC buying guide is quite simple as the information provided is easy to understand. With the new found knowledge gathered, you will begin your journey to the world of electrical RC cars. Once familiar with RC cars you can begin to install modifications needed to make your car unbeatable.

On-road cars vs Off-road Cars

The first step in purchasing an RC electrical car is deciding where you will likely use it. RC electrical cars can either be used on-road or off-road.

On-Road Cars

These cars are most suited for smooth surfaces such as asphalt and paved roads or even carpets. These cars are built for speed while specific models are modified to drift easier on the surface. On-road cars are not designed to drive on unleveled terrain. 

Off-Road Cars

Compared to on-road cars, they are equipped with higher suspension, enabling them to drive over different, unlevelled terrain. Buggies, short-course trucks, rock crawlers and monster trucks are classified as off-road cars. There are four types of off-road trucks and they all have the ability to go on any terrain in any condition.

  • Buggies: Buggies are suitable to drive on smooth, paved roads and uneven terrain. They are fastest on smooth roads.
  • Short-course trucks: These are most suitable for races. The powerful motor and high wheel traction contribute to fasts speeds without the loss of control.
  • Rock crawlers: These types of off-road cars do what the name says. They are built with the materials that allow them to climb rocks and hills without any challenge.
  • Monster truck: They are built with big tires. They can drive on rocks or hills in any condition without losing traction. They are built with a strong motor that assist them in climbing inclines.


You car will need batteries for the car and the radio controller, too. Batteries are supplied in the same size however there are different capacities for each such as:

  • 2400 mAh
  • 3000 mAh
  • 3500 mAh

The higher the mAh, the longer drive time you will have with electrical cars. However it will take longer to recharge.



The motor of an electrical RC car can either be brushed or brushless. The former and the latter give the RC car the strength it needs to achieve top speeds.

  • Brushed motors: This is a traditional form of motor. It depends on an electrical circuit to produce the speed needed.
  • Brushless motors: These motors are recently introduced and through their advancements they provide greater speeds to brushed motors.


Ready to run (RTR) or Kit

RTR Cars

If you’re a beginner, RTR cars are the best for you. These cars are already assembled so all you need to do is install the batteries and you’re ready to drive.


Kits provide you with all the parts needed to build your own electrical RC car. Not all the parts are supplied in the box so you would need to buy these extra items to complete your car:

  • One radio controller
  • A suitable battery pack
  • A charger for the batteries required
  • Polycarbonate paint to protect the body structure
  • An electrical motor and speed controller, if the kit doesn’t supply one

When assembling your own kit you can add any modifications needed to ensure the maximum speed and torque.