Remote control cars are becoming the best toys on the current market to entertain yourself or your children. With constant modification and upgrades, RC cars have become vehicles that not only rids, but that also perform tricks.

There are numerous brands in this field, each with their own list of unique RC models. With so many options to select from, anyone can feel challenged while out shopping. Use this list to help you make sense of it all.

Best RC Car Quick Summary


RW 1/24 Scale Lamborghini

Official licensed Lamborghini which drives in all four directions the same as a normal car. The directional wheels make maneuvering around effortless and it drives perfectly on smooth surfaces. The dynamic feature this RC car presents is the ability to use tails lights, similar to a real car.

HOSIM All Terrain RC Car

This RC car is perfect for use on any terrain. Transitioning on to the different types of terrain will be effortless and can be performed at accelerated speeds. Its semi-waterproof materials ensure that it’s functional even after getting wet.

Rabing RC Car 1/24 Scale

Its speed makes it an ideal selection for toddlers as it’s effortless to control and manoeuvre. These features are great for learning phases. It’s equipped with suspension springs making it resilient against the impact of uneven terrain. When racing, the suspension prevents the car from slamming into the ground.

RC Car, DeXop

This is the best RC car for thrill seekers pursuing remote control cars as a hobby. DeXop RC car supplies a strong torque power and a powerful motor so performing stunts on different terrains is effortless. The strong body withstands almost all impact it incurs.

SainSmart Jr. Stunt Car Tumbling Car

This is a stunt car which makes it impractical for racing. The RC car is designed to perform stunts which provide entertainment for those who use it. It’s fitted with shock absorbers so it can withstand harsh terrain. Through its engineering it’s able to perform jumps into the air reaching 2.6 feet.

Vatos Remote Control Car Electric Racing Car

This RC car model is made with strong, highly durable materials which can be driven on terrain including asphalt and cobble stones. The materials make it practically collision proof while at the same time making it unbeatable in races.

ToyPark 2WD Remote Control RC Vehicle

This specific RC car from ToyPark is designed and manufactured as a stunt car. There will be action packed fun while you master old and new tricks. A unique stunt is the ‘rolling handstand walking’.

Rabing RC Car 2.4 GHz 4WD Stunt Car

This specific RC car is more dynamic than the others on this list. The Rabing RC car transitions well between the different types of terrain such as wetlands and grass. It’s also highly waterproof. Its waterproof materials provide more than just toleration of a few water droplets. This RC model car is fully functional even when submerged in water. This is a perfect option for taking on vacation near water such as lake areas.

RC Stunt Car Racing 4WD RC Car

This is a good RC car option to have when performing stunts. It will keep you entertained for hours on end, though you will need to recharge the battery. Through its robust materials it allows you to perform stunts on different terrain and it stays functional even after suffering impacts.

Top RC Car Reviews


RW 1/24 Scale Lamborghini Veneno Car Radio Remote Control Sport Racing Car RC

This Lamborghini model is ideal for ages six and up. It has speeds reaching 10mph and its remote distance ranges between 100 and 150 feet. This officially licensed Lamborghini presents excellent, entertaining features. It has the full function of driving and reversing with turning. The model also has functioning lights, so when the car is in reverse the tail lights are lit.


This car has a good distance range and it drives the smoothest on carpet, hardwoods and tile floors. The power remote has gear knobs for steering while keeping the car steady and easy to control. The front wheels have springs which act almost as shock absorbers so it can withstand any type of vibration. This RC car is completely functional after impact which is proof of its durability.


When playing with the car it drains the batteries at a rapid speed, even within a few hours of using the car. It’s suggested to use rechargeable batteries rather than buying new ones. There is an unmatched synchronization between the remote and car. Customized adjustments are needed on the RC car before it can follow the remote’s command.


The perks on offer make this model the best RC car for children. The most exciting feature of the car is that it has lights that work when needed to, in the same way as a real car. It’s a fun packed car for anyone who owns it, because of the effortless controls and its speed.


HOSIM All Terrain RC Car S911, 33+MPH 1/12 Scale Radio Controlled Electric

This RC car pushes the limits at a whopping speed of 33mph thanks to the 390 motor which is the largest motor in its class. The model is made to withstand the strain of all terrain including wet lands, mud and marsh lands. You can push it to its speed limit and see how well it performs tricks. Its 2.4GHz frequencies enable a distance range of 260 feet.


The car is impressively fast. With practice, you are able to control the steering well, so you can do tricks at high speed. This car is semi waterproof, so it will be functional after contact with a few water drops.


The drive time lasts approximately 10 minutes because the batteries drain faster when the car reaches its top speeds. The car battery overheats to the point it can’t be touched. It’s advised to be cautious and not drive this RC truck in small areas. If it crashes into the wall it might break a piece of the body, even though it may still be functional after impact.


This is a very good RC car for adrenaline junkies who want to do more than simply drive forward. Through constant practice you’re able to master turns to perform stunts. With an additional pair of batteries as back up you will have many hours of fun.


Rabing RC Car 1/24 Scale 15km/h Radio Controlled Electric Vehicle 2WD Off-road for Kids

A feature this RC car provides is the 2.4 GHz frequency with anti-jamming capability which ensures there is no interception of the remote frequency. This guarantees you will have control over your own car even when surrounded by other RC cars at a race. This car can sustain vibrations experienced due to its independent suspension springs installed with the wheels. It has a top speed of 25 mph and a distance range of 160 feet.


This well-made RC car model withstands the impacts it comes across. The batteries supplied are longer lasting compared to batteries of other RC cars. The controls are sensitive so only experienced drivers can maneuver the car with ease without many crashes. This RC car is best suited for toddlers as they are captivated with the speed.


Adults wanting to purchase this RC car for themselves will not be impressed with the top speed. Only toddlers will believe the speed is fast.


Racing against friends will be made easier with this RC car as there is an anti-jamming frequency. With the top speed being only 25 mph, the RC car will not incur severe damages on impact.



RC Car, DeXop 2.4GHz Electric Rock Crawler Radio Control

This new and improved RC car now has a strong motor which provides powerful torque and allows it to perform difficult moves. The rubber tires are made from high quality PVC materials making it resistant to any terrain including slippery roads. 


This specific model is lightweight yet it’s highly durable to use on different terrains. There is an ease in driving up inclines because of the strong torque. The steering is effortless and it goes in the direction you command it to go with precision. 


Users claim there is some false advertising of this product. The package doesn’t include all the parts, and it’s smaller than the images illustrate. 


This is a great RC car for doing special stunts and driving on different terrains. Its lightweight feature brings simplicity in steering and its durable body ensures functionality even after crashes. Therefore, the DeXop makes driving RC cars easier for beginners, whether they are children or adults.


SainSmart Jr. Stunt Car Tumbling Car Two Wheels RC Jump Car, 2.4 GHz Remote Control Vehicles with LED Headlights

This stunt car is equipped with shock absorbing unique tires and also with bright LED headlights. It’s durable for indoor and outdoor use and it can survive crashes. An exciting feature of this stunt car is that it can jump 2.6 feet in the air because of its double sided speed tumbling.


Once you get the hang of the operation it’s an easy to control stunt car with several lights that brighten when it moves. It rotates at a rapid speed which makes it entertaining to watch when you make it jump into the air. It’s highly durable and with hours spent playing with it you will learn new and more challenging techniques.


This stunt car can only be in use for approximately 15 minutes before you need to recharge the battery through a USB plug in.


This toy is perfect for performing stunts such as jumping into the air at 2.6 feet or jumping over objects. This is entertaining as you will be driven to find and perfect new and old tricks.

RC Car, Vatos Remote Control Car Electric Racing Car off Road 1:16 Scale Desert Buggy

This RC car reaches a speed of 25 mph. It deals well with any terrain including rocks, asphalt, packed dirt and cobblestone streets. Its battery can be recharged through USB input and it takes 180 minutes for it to be fully charged. It’s made with materials which increases the car’s capacity and beats resistance.


The speed doesn’t hinder its ability to be driven on grass and streets. The compact size makes this vehicle ideal for indoor use on rainy days and its easy steering makes turning effortless when used indoors. There is a well-built suspension system to resist the shock of uneven terrain. This RC car is perfect for beginners. It has accelerated speeds and a quick response to steering commands.


There is no LED light that indicates the battery is fully charged.


This is a good RC car to give to a toddler so he or she can practice driving RC cars. It has a quick response system to commands which helps avoid collisions. It transitions onto the different terrains without the speed or movement being affected. Everything about this RC car is well made from the body of the car to the functioning of the remote.


ToyPark 2WD Remote Control RC Vehicle with LED Headlights 360 Degree Rolling Rotation

This is an unconventional RC car. The design of it makes it more of a stunt car. It can perform stunt rolling, the “rolling handstand walking” and stunt rotation. It’s shock absorbent, crashworthy and equipped with flexible wheels to make it tolerate different terrain. It can be played with indoors and outdoors. The LED headlights make it entertaining to play with in the dark. 


No batteries are required to operate the RC car. The car itself is fully rechargeable through a USB port. Operating the stunt car is made simple as you need to only move the joy stick forward and backward. It’s simple to assemble without instructions, so within minutes it will be up and running. The RC car adds additional entertainment by playing music which can be turned off according to your preference.


The car’s play time is approximately 20 minutes before it needs recharging.


This unique design will present hours of endless entertainment to anyone who owns it. Its design makes it robust against any terrain’s shocks, implying that its stunts can be performed anywhere. If you’re looking for an RC car that performs flips this one will help you hone your skills.


Rabing RC Car 2.4 GHz 4WD Stunt Car 6CH Remote Control Amphibious Off Road Electric Race Double Sided Car

This radio controlled car reaches a maximum speed of 20 mph and has a control distance of 200 feet on land. The radio frequency is 2.4 GHz and it ensures that it doesn’t intercept with other radio control cars that are racing together. It has a 360 degree tumbling which can be performed on land and water. The control is fully functional in water with a distance range of 115 feet on water. The powerful motor makes transitions onto different terrain effortless, even from land into water.


It’s easy to use on land and water. There is no difficulty in learning how to perform tricks. The tires have a rubber ring which makes for good traction, especially when transitioning onto different terrain.


There is a mismatch between playing time and recharge time. It recharges for about two to three hours after which the play time is only 20 minutes.


What is unique about this specific toy is that you will have fun with it not only on land but on water too. When in water it doesn’t impact the speed and the ability to perform the stunts. Transitioning from water can take place at an accelerated speed.


RC Stunt Car Racing 4WD RC Car Double Side 360 Degree Spins Rolling Radio Control with LED Light Racing Vehicle Upgrade Version

This car is equipped with four heavy duty off road or anti-shock wheels for a smooth acceleration on any terrain. Its horse power makes transitions easy from any type of land such as sandy beaches to grass or wetlands. It has a maximum speed of 20 mph and a distance range of 50 to 65 feet. This RC car can perform stunts including “rolling rotation”, “rolling handstand walking” and a 360 degree stunt spinning rolling.


It’s easy to handle with swift and easy forwards or backwards movement controls. This car comes with rechargeable batteries which is cost saving compared to always needing to buy more. The remote control is lightweight so toddlers can easily carry it and enjoy playing with the vehicle. A variety of movements can be made.


Batteries need to be handled with care and not overcharged as they could suffer damage.


This RC toy is entertaining for toddlers to play with as they can perform a series of stunts without straining their arms with a heavyweight controller. You can play with this RC car for days on end and throughout it will consistently prove its durability.


Buyers Guide

Before purchasing a radio controlled car, you will need to be familiar with the basic specifications that will inform you of how the vehicle will perform. This buyers guide will help you ensure that you purchase the best RC car, apart from simply looking at the style and price.

Types of RC Cars

This is the beginning stage where you must decide which type of RC car is best for you. There are six types to choose from.

Street cars

This type it suited for smooth terrain such as paved surfaces. It cannot handle uneven terrain.

Drift cars

This is similar to street cars however they possess a different type of tires that makes for an easy drifting motion while racing.


This combines the best of both worlds. It’s suitable for paved surfaces and also off road. It can’t race at top speeds on off roads though.


Crawlers are specifically designed for off road terrain. They have better suspension and lower gear ratios. Their top speed is lower compared to cars and buggies.


Truggies are more suitable for off road. It’s similar to a buggy, however it has monster wheels making it more suitable to harder terrain.


These are the monster truck equivalent. These are the best to race on off-roads such as grass or in the woods. On smooth surfaces, it will not reach top speeds and is likely to flip over when taking sharp turns.

It’s important to understand that each RC car model has specific modifications and details that the individual manufacturers develop to make their own products unique. For example, trucks can specialize in flips and turns.


When using the car, you will decide if you would prefer an RC car with suspension or not. Suspension on RC cars entail a spring fitted in with the tires to prevent any vibrations damaging the car. You don’t need suspension if you’re looking to do simple races on the pavement.

Tires and Wheels

There are also different types of tires that give the cars grip on the surface when driving.


Extremely high wear on hard surfaces. Low traction on hard surfaces. All directions have an equal amount of traction, however it gets reduced on sand.


Used in the front wheels of 2-wheel-drive vehicles, it’s suited for most off-road conditions, while its side-to-side traction is admirable.


Medium-low wear on hard surfaces. Side-to-side traction is exceptional, however there is low traction when accelerating on sand.


Can be made of rubber or foam. High traction on hard surfaces. It provides an even amount of traction in all directions. When off-road they will have no traction.


High wear on hard surface, especially during acceleration. Extremely good traction on sand.


Similar to slicks, although it provides improved traction while accelerating in wet conditions.

X Pin

Medium to high wear on hard surfaces with the accompanying low traction, however provides sufficient traction on sand. All directions receive even traction.

When choosing the tires, ensure that it’s the right fit for your RC vehicle.

Types of Batteries

RC cars don’t have long battery lifespans. Depending on the amount of usage and the engine power, you will need to select a battery that will provide the best energy for your RC car.

Rechargeable Batteries

  • The battery lasts for several hundred hours
  • It’s available in small, light packages
  • Its energy density is high
  • You do not need to completely drain the battery before recharging it
  • Batteries needs to be recharged at regular intervals
  • There is an expiry date from the time of manufacturing—whether used or not—of two to three years
  • Sensitive to high temperatures
  • Expensive


Disposable Batteries

  • It has a longer shelf life
  • It has a high energy density
  • Inexpensive
  • Operates well in low temperatures
  • The battery is bulky
  • High internal resistance which reduces the drive time and there will be earlier signs of “low battery”
  • If a product uses high battery power then disposable batteries won’t last long