RC helicopters are controlled via hand held radio transmitters. There is an abundance of specifications associated with RC helicopters that include the numerous channel frequencies. These frequencies are essentially the functions that operate the helicopters. The higher the amount of channel frequencies the more challenging it is to operate the helicopter.

Below is a list of eight top rated RC helicopters. They are ideal for assisting RC helicopter amateur pilots to become professionals. Picking from the top rated list is made easy as there is a buying guide below which provides basic tips for first time buyers.

The tips help you decide which type of helicopter is best for you. The buying guide includes which type of engines are available, the batteries and the channel frequencies. It gives a description of each as well as size options.


Best RC Helicopters Quick Summary


Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter 

It’s suitable for ages 14 and older. It has the latest gyroscope technology which uses earth’s gravity to aid in its orientation and to provide sturdiness for flying. The Syma model batteries are rechargeable through a transmitter or USB. Due to the lightweight characteristic, it’s suitable for indoor use away from wind. Any wind interference causes the RC helicopter to lose control.

Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter with Gyro

This specific product is an ideal RC helicopter for beginners. The gyroscope and coaxial design ensure there is an ease and stability in flying which allows you to gain easier movement control. The new body aluminium frame provides durability and makes this RC helicopter virtually indestructible.

Syma S107 3 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro

The product is available in various colors. This RC helicopter is also ideal for beginners because of its crashworthiness. It’s equipped with double rotors to make it easier for pitch control. The rotors angle to lift or lower the helicopter. Time is saved as there is no need to accelerate the rotation speed to raise or lower the helicopter.

Syma S111G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro

The three channel frequency allows you to control the height, direction and rotation. It’s highly responsive to the remote’s commands. This is the best radio controlled helicopter for children as it’s easy to handle and control.

GPTOYS G610 11

This middle size helicopter is ready to use without any assembly required. You can fly three helicopters at once because of its three selectable frequencies. The latest gyroscope technology is also embedded into this helicopter which aids in the orientation and stability. The recommended area to fly the GPTOYS G10 11 is indoors, however it can be flown in the garden or park if there is no wind.

Syma S102G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro

You can fly two RC helicopters at the same time. You can easily maintain this RC helicopter’s functionality and durability as replacement parts are easy to find. This is beneficial as once it has suffered an a few crashes, it can soon be up and running again after the replacement parts are installed. The batteries on this specific unit last longer than those in other RC helicopters, providing extended fly time.

Syma S107G 3 Channel RC Helicopter

This is a three channel frequency RC helicopter making it ideal for first time beginners. Any channel frequency higher than that will be difficult to control by inexperienced pilots. When flying at a smooth pace you enjoy an extended battery life requiring less recharge sessions. The new construction with an upgraded framework makes it durable to survive most crashes.

Syma S107/S107G RC Helicopter

The three channel frequencies provide enough direction for you to move around. It is ideal for indoor use only. It must be kept away from other infrared devices and direct sunlight as these will make it lose connection. There is a trimmer button installed into the remote that will help steady the helicopter once you have lost control.

Best RC Helicopter Reviews


Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter 

This RC helicopter features two selectable frequencies to allow you to fly two helicopters simultaneously. The RC helicopter’s battery is rechargeable via the transmitter or a USB cable. Recharging takes approximately 25-30 minutes to have a fly time of eight to 12 minutes. This RC helicopter is lightweight and therefore recommended for indoor use only.


The design and engineering of the RC helicopter make it so effortless to fly that an inexperienced person can control the helicopter with ease. There is a trim button attached to the controller ready to be pressed in case the RC helicopter spins out of control.

Tricks and stunts can be easily learned through practice and tutorial videos. There is no need to acquire additional gadgets to perform the tricks. The entertainment doesn’t end at sundown because the helicopter has LED lights which give enough light for night time flying.


Winds will affect the ability of the RC helicopter to fly well. It’s recommended you use it for indoor flights only where there’s no wind draft. Unfortunately, you should prepare for louder noise levels compared to other RC helicopters.

You need your own USB cord for recharging. After charging it’s best to factor in a cool down period as recharging overheats the helicopter. The longevity of the helicopter is not guaranteed. Clients occasionally complain that the RC helicopter ceased to work within a matter of weeks.


This is the best RC helicopter because of its compact size and lightweight feel. It makes it simple to control and manoeuvre around. The construction of this specific RC helicopter is user friendly for inexperienced RC pilots. Children older than 14 will be entertained with flying this within the house as it’s not suited for the outdoors. As a parent, you need not worry about damage to indoor décor, as long as your child has perfected the controls.

Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter with Gyro

The S107G is an upgrade from the standard S107. The newer version has improved on its standard version by changing some problematic mechanisms. This is a highly recommended RC helicopter for beginners. The co-axial design and gyroscope system properties ensure there is stability when flying. The body is made with an aluminum frame which is light weight and virtually indestructible.


The S107G has improved its ability to stay sturdy as it will not spin uncontrollably when experiencing high throttle, unlike the S107. The construction of the body guarantees its durability as it’s functional after impact with floors or walls. The gyroscope technology aids in easy flying. You don’t have to be experienced in flying to manage this RC helicopter. The body frame doesn’t cause the RC helicopter to be heavy, making it easier to control.


This is for indoor use only—preferably open planned rooms—with no drafts of wind. It’s important to turn off fans and fly far from vents. There is no instruction manual which some users need in order to understand where and how to install the batteries or the USB charger. Although the body is aluminum the blades are plastic which is more vulnerable to breakage. Finding replacement parts is almost impossible.


This is the best RC helicopter to give to children who are interested in flying as a hobby. It’s lightweight and mostly indestructible upon crashes. When learning how to fly, the gyroscope and coaxial properties keep the RC helicopter sturdy for easier control. It’s completely functional even after crashes, and through enough practice, movements quickly become precise.

Syma S107 3 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyroscope

This model is constructed with a robust metal frame and built in gyroscope. You can control the helicopter via a 32-Level precision speed controller. The RC helicopter is equipped with two main rotors that rotate in opposite directions and reduce the torque, however it allows for pitch control. The pitch control allows you to fly the RC helicopter backwards. It’s available in red, green, blue, white, and silver.


The strong metal body makes it ideal for beginners as it’s completely functional after slight crashes. The RC helicopter responds well to the remote control commands and with practice you will be able to master maneuvering. The dual blades aid in keeping the helicopter steady and vibration free when lifting and while in the air. The tail rotor generates wind either above or below the RC helicopter.


The RC helicopter and the remote are synced through infrared technology. Switch off other devices that use infrared for communication such as a TV because it will interfere with the remote commands. Recharging of the battery takes 45 minutes in which playing time will only be for five to 10 minutes.


This multi colored toy is also a top rated RC helicopter recommended for beginners. Each colored design has the same quality throughout. The unique features on this RC helicopter are the two main rotors which are perfect for pitch control, providing the ability to fly backwards. The two rotors create wind only above and under the helicopter, instead of by the sides.

Syma S111G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro

This RC helicopter has a multidirectional response to the controller. It follows a steady path which makes it great for first time users. Three channel frequencies give you the ability to control the height, the rotation and the direction. The recommended place to fly is indoors as the circumstances make it easy to control.


This RC helicopter’s response to the controller is exceptional. It will help prevent sudden crashes. A trimmer is attached to the controller to ensure the helicopter doesn’t veer off into other directions. It’s completely functional even after experiencing several crashes.

Once you have mastered the controls you will learn the skill of precision. The helicopter responds so well to the user’s commands, it adjusts to the speed timelessly without over reacting.


The duration of the fly time is approximately five minutes, after which it has to be recharged for 40 minutes. To extend the flying time it’s recommended you purchase additional batteries that have a higher milliamp hours (mAh). The higher the mAh the longer the fly time.

The body is made with strong durable materials to withstand any impact. However, you still need to be as cautious as possible because the blades will chip easily. This Syma RC helicopter comes with very poor instructions.


The Syma S111G not only looks good but is highly durable so it’s also the best RC helicopter for kids. It’s steady and lightweight which make practicing effortless. In due time they will be able to perfect movements, handling the helicopter with accuracy. It comes with the best radio control remote an RC helicopter can possess due to its highly responsive nature.

GPTOYS G610 11″ Durant Built-in Gyro Infrared Remote Control Helicopter 3.5 Channels with Gyro

This RC helicopter offers three selectable frequencies which allow you to fly up to three helicopters at once. Its 3.5 channel remote gives multi directional commands while hovering. The latest gyroscope technology is installed to determine its orientation. This toy is ready to use without any assembling.


The controls on this mid-size helicopter are so simple to use, making it ideal for children eight years and older. The fly time is eight minutes and it will recharge within 30-50 minutes.

Suitable for indoor use, it can be flown outdoors if there is no wind. It’s built with strong materials so it’s functional and unscratched even after crashing from large heights. Transporting this RC helicopter is convenient because the blades are foldable. The packaging arrives with spare parts for easy maintenance.


The RC helicopter has a slow lift off; communication from the remote to the helicopter can be disconnected, make sure to stay in close proximity. Infrared signals are not strong against the sun, having control outdoors will be an issue. It’s important to handle the product with care if possible. Some crashes had severe consequences on the helicopter such as parts breaking.


The quick response mechanism makes it the best radio control helicopter for adults. Adults will be able to control the movements with ease. The key benefit that the brand offers is sturdiness. Winds won’t pose a challenge when flying the RC helicopter in your garden. LED lights are installed with the helicopter which allow you to fly during the evening too.

Syma S102G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro

It’s so simple to control and fly this RC helicopter that even children can do so with ease. It has two selectable frequencies to fly two helicopters simultaneously. They can also be flown in different directions thanks to its three channel frequency.

The Gyroscope technology provides stability in movements which makes the helicopter easier to control for beginners. The batteries of the helicopter and remote are rechargeable within 40 minutes.


Replacement parts are easy to find and purchase. The manual provides an extensive list on everything about the helicopter and remote control. The long lasting battery life provides more time of entertainment. Any undesired movements can be countered effectively by the remote as the helicopter responds well. The quick response mechanism ensures accurate, gentle landings.


The product is smaller than the images depict. It’s basically the same length as an unsharpened pencil. The helicopter is slow when flying forward and backwards. It’s imperative to be cautious when flying outdoors as you can lose connection, potentially causing the helicopter to crash. The unit doesn’t include a USB adapter when charging so you need to make alternative arrangements for recharging.


This is also an excellent RC helicopter for children to have. Replacement parts are easy to find in order to maintain its functionality after an abundance of crashes. The helicopter responds instantly to commands if the helicopter is losing control. With one swift movement of the joystick you can gain control again.

Syma S102G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro
List Price: $41.99
Price: $24.95
You Save: $17.04
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Syma S107G 3 Channel RC Helicopter

The body of the Syma S107 G is upgraded to a metal frame to provide more durability. It is controlled by a three channel infrared remote which enables you to fly in all directions. There is an advanced, intelligent system embedded into the technology to ensure balance. Its miniature size and weight provides more agility and speed.


Once purchased, the RC helicopter is easy to set up without much assistance from the instructions. There is an ease and stability when flying. You can ensure the helicopter lasts between five and seven minutes when it’s at a steady speed and throttle setting. The propellers rotate at a rapid speed and it will hover without much control from you.


Care needs to be taken when flying because its metal frame isn’t completely indestructible. The small size of the RC helicopter allows wind to make you lose control. Don’t place any other objects onto the helicopter as it will prevent it from flying. When flying stay clear of other infrared devices that will cause a disconnection between the controller and the helicopter.


A lot of entertainment will be gained from using this Syma RC helicopter. Its upgraded frame provides greater durability, making it an ideal RC helicopter for beginners. Its hovering feature is steady and it doesn’t require much effort to be controlled by you.

List Price: $39.99
Price: $19.99
You Save: $20.00
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Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter

The remote controller’s two frequencies feature allows you to fly two helicopters at the same time. The three channel feature enables you to fly the helicopter in all directions. Suitable for indoor use only, the remote has an alignment trim that allows you to regain control of the helicopter if you lose it. Its advanced feature is the gyroscope technology embedded into the programming which provides precision along with the coaxial and single rotor.


These RC helicopters are lightweight and easy to control. Through trial and error you will be able to maneuver around with ease. Once these helicopters have suffered enough damage it’s simple to replace parts and boost its functionality. It’s a good alternative to expensive brands and it works just as well. After a crash it’s usually still functional.

The helicopter is rechargeable through a USB cord. This makes it convenient because it can be charged through a computer or other device feature that has a port. Once fully charged the USB cord will light up red to indicate that charging is complete.


Direct sunlight into the infrared transmitter will cause communication to be lost. Toddlers need supervision when flying this as the blades are strong and rotate at a speed that can cause injuries. Keep the helicopter away from children or dogs with long hair. The hair can get caught in the propellers, potentially causing damage and injury. Flying time is between six and seven minutes so it’s best to keep additional rechargeable batteries on hand.


There is no need to buy an expensive brand RC helicopter when Syma is a perfect substitute. This model operates as well as other expensive models. What makes this a steal is the new gyroscope technology that ensures accuracy when landing and moving swiftly to avoid crashes.

Contrary to other RC helicopters this one indicates when charging is fully complete. This ensures no damage is done to the battery by overcharging or undercharging

RC Helicopter Buying Guide

Flying with an RC helicopter brings plenty of entertainment. When you continuously fly a helicopter you will learn skills and techniques the same as seasoned professionals. Before you can begin the journey of entertainment you would need to purchase the best RC helicopter for a beginner. Below are a few basic factors that are essential for you to understand in order to become more knowledgeable about the different specifications of RC helicopters.

Power Source

The engines of RC helicopters are either electrical or have an internal combustion. Comprehending the differences between these types will make you understand what to look for when selecting an RC helicopter.

Electric Engines

Electrical engines are charged with batteries. Each battery has a specific milliamp hour that determines fly time. The higher the milliamp hours, the longer the usability. The size of the electrical engine will determine the lifespan of the battery. The larger and more powerful an engine, the quicker it drains a battery.

Electrically powered RC helicopters make use of a brush or brushless motor. A brushed motor makes use of carbon brushes to transfer an electrical current to the motor. A brushless motor—which is more durable—makes use of a fixed magnet rotor that receives an electrical current without requiring brushes.

Internal Combustion

This is usually employed by gas-powered RC helicopters. Internal combustion engines generate energy by igniting fuel and air. The air displacement determines how much energy is created for the motor. The larger the air displacement, the stronger the horsepower will be. The flying time is the same as an electrical engine, however, a small engine with a larger fuel tank will have longer periods of use.


First time buyers must determine the pitch they want when making a purchase. The pitch will determine the amount of speed the helicopter needs for the ability to be raised or lowered. They have a choice between a fixed pitch and a collective pitch.

Fixed Pitch

The main rotor blades on a fixed pitched RC helicopter will not change. If users want to raise or lower the helicopter they need to increase the rotation.

Collective Pitch

The main rotor blades can be angled to raise and lower the helicopter without adjustments made to the rotation speed. This reduces the lag experienced on a fixed pitch because there is no time wasted attempting to increase the rotation speed.


Channels represent the functions of the helicopter. The number can range from two to six. Only collective pitch RC helicopters can make use of six channels. The six channels are:

  • Throttle: The spinning speed of the blades
  • Yaw: Refers to the turning of the helicopters nose to the left or right
  • Elevator: Tilts the main rotors to move forward or backward
  • Aileron: Tilts the main rotors to move the helicopter to the left or right
  • Collective: Adjusts the angle of the blades to raise and lower the helicopter
  • Special feature: Unique functions of specific brands


The higher the channels on the helicopter the more challenging it is to operate it. Beginners are advised to start with a helicopter with two or three channels.


The size of the helicopter refers to the rotor diameter’s total inches.

There are four standard sizes for rotors.

  • Micro: The main rotor has a diameter under 15 inches
  • Small: The main rotor has a diameter between 15 to 20 inches
  • Medium: The main rotor has a diameter between 20 to 30 inches
  • Large: The main rotor has a diameter of over 30 inches.


Nitro helicopters are also classed by a size; however, it refers to the engine’s capacity in cubic inch

  • 30 size: 0.3 cubic inch engine
  • 50 size:5 cubic inch engine
  • 60 size:6 cubic inch engine
  • 90 size:9 cubic inch engine