Do you want to gift a toy racing car for your kid on his birthday? Then, you need to pick the best type of racing car that gives impressive performance and let your kid enjoy playing with it for hours together. There are different types of remote controlled cars available on the market. To operate these cars smoothly and safely, it requires skill for the operator. Out of the three types of RC gas, each of them has their own pros and cons.

Types of RC Cars

Electric Powered RC cars

Many people like to choose electric powered vehicles over the other types of RC cars. These cars are equipped with brushed and brushless motors. Ideally, brushed cars are cost-effective, easy to maintain and operate. This is the best type of car that has to be chosen by the beginners. These are very budget friendly and the starting range of these cars is from $20. These cars are highly durable and are built for extendable life.

Tamiya FF03 Pro and Castrol Honda Civic RC Cars

This is the latest racing car that is pulling the eyes of the kids to buy this one in the electric model. This looks stylish whose chassis kit is built using Tamiya Racing Factory Driver. This has a good battery backup. This has the ability to travel 60 miles per hour. This is a perfect piece for beginners and is the cost-effective way to start using it as hobby


  • Easy to built
  • Highly durable
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Can be used off-roads without any hassle


  • It is not equipped with radio control system

Tamiya TA05 v2 IFS Mach GoGoGo

If your kid is compelling you to buy a radio control car, then this model is perfect to buy. This is the best way for kids to enjoy playing with it while letting them to dismantle and learn how to assemble it. Undeniably, it is easy to unscrew and screw the parts for kids.


  • Chassis is highly durable
  • Easy to won the race with this racing kit
  • Easy to balance and give a neutral driving feel


  • Heavy weight
  • Not budget friendly
  • Need to change the tires very often

Nitro Powered RC cars

These use nitro methane as the fuel to run the cars efficiently and smoothly on the bumpy roads. The double needle carb used to adjust high end and low end power. The engine of the car is equipped with low plug igniter to heat and start the engine. If you would like to drive at high speeds, you would need to choose these cars. The behavior of carburetor will change with the change in the climatic conditions. The drawback of these cars is that, you can drive only in the forward direction and if you get stuck or lost the way, you cannot back out. There are a few high end models of these cars which are equipped with reverse feature. However, you need to check the features while shopping for these cars

Nitro TC3 RC Car

This is the fastest Nitro RC cars that are purchased by many people. This is capable to traveling 40 miles per hour. This is equipped with shock absorbers and easy to fill fuel tank. The high grip racing tires will let you to go for a race off and on-roads. The 22 ball bearings will improve the speed of the car and assures high durability. The single speed transmission will drive at the speed of 25 to 40 mph.


  • Has good run time
  • Solid brakes
  • Easy to steer



This is another jet speed nitro RC cars that is gaining huge popularity in the RC car world. It has 0.12 nitro engine and has a polished ring to improve power. The two speed transmission will let you to accelerate the speed of the car and drive at a brisk pace. This is considered to be the perfect racing car for beginners and professionals.


  • Can be used on and off roads
  • Highly durable and equipped with solid brakes
  • Available at a reasonable price


  • Can be used only in forward direction
  • Little loud
  • Hard to find fuel, if there are no hobby shops in your locality

Gasoline Powered RC Cars

These are the latest development in the RC world. These vehicles are expensive to buy, but easy and cheaper to run. More importantly, you can easily refill the gas in the local gas station. The design of this car chassis is similar to that of nitro RC cars. You do not need any starter box or igniter to start the engine of the vehicle. All the user should do is to pull the cord and start the engine.

Off-road Buggy Backwach Nitro Gas Powered 4WD RTR T3L6 USA

This car can be used to drive in off-roads and even on rough surfaces. It has strong four wheels to drive smoothly. This car is easy to maintain and is equipped with solid chassis. The disc brake system will let you apply the brakes immediately when you are going to hit any obstacle. The shock absorbers will protect the car from shocks. The front bumper provides additional protection to the car from accidents. The durable tires will reduce the odds of replacing the tires.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Highly durable
  • Looks stylish
  • Assure high performance


  • Little expensive
  • You need to take proper care as it is fragile in nature


Rampage XR Rally 1/5 Scale Gas Powered Redcat Racing RC RTR Blue Car

This lets you to have an incredible racing experience over the other car models. You can take this car onto terrains without worrying about the tires getting flat sooner. The gasoline engine will improve the horsepower of the vehicle. The aluminum chassis are highly durable and is equipped with disc brakes.


  • Assure extreme performance
  • Equipped with metal gears
  • Come with a radio system
  • Has high fuel tank capacity


  • Not budget friendly