Do you own an RC car? If yes, you must be aware of the importance of cleaning your car for maintaining its performance and consistency. Regular cleaning of the RC is essential as it helps the engine and other parts of the car like brakes to perform with their full efficiency. Cleaning the car will never let you fall short at the time of performance and will have every car parts in high performance as and when needed.

Cleaning of the car also has some other benefits. Some of which are as follow:

  • Finding the broken parts: Cleaning your RC car after every race will help you in finding the parts that have been broken, lost or are damaged due to any reason.
  • To maintain the car’s speed: Any sort of dirt or damage caused to the car will directly affect the parts of the car and will ultimately slow down the speed of the car. Thus, enjoy the car’s high speed cleaning the car is a must.
  • Consistent performance of the parts: Cleaning the car will ensure the consistent performance of the car which means that the car’s engine will never overheat or the accelerator will always be in control.
  • Saving extra expenses: If you are cleaning your car on a regular basis, then you will be saved from any high expenses that will be caused due to any severe damage caused to the car if not cleaned or examined regularly.

But most of the owners of RC cars are not sure or are unaware of the proper and easy way to clean the car. Many times, they do not get involved in the cleaning process thinking that it’s a complex process to clean the car. In reality, the process of cleaning the car is not that difficult and can be done in simple steps.

Steps to Clean Your RC Car or Vehicle

If you want to enjoy driving your RC car without any difficulties and want to have all the parts of the car to perform with the best efficiency, then you must prioritize the cleaning process. These are the simple ways that you can follow to clean your RC car without any hassle, every time after a bash:

Understand Your Car

Understanding every detail of your RC car is a must when planning to clean it. Understanding each and every part of your car will help you if you are cleaning the car for the first time. One of the best ways to get aware about the basic functionalities and parts of the car is to get the reference from the manual of the car.

Collect the Required Tools

Once you are clear with the understanding of the car’s parts and functionalities, the next step is to collect and gather all the required tools and requirements for cleaning the car. The tools required for cleaning of the car may vary as per the cleaning need.

Separate the Car’s Parts

After gathering the required tools, you can separate the various parts of the car for easing the process of car cleaning. The various parts that you can separate are wheels, engine, plastic body parts and the electronic items. Removing the parts will make the entire process of cleaning the car much easier and faster.

The only thing that you must take care while cleaning the car is that you should keep all the parts of one section in a separate area so that the parts of the car does not mix with one another or does not get lost during the cleaning process.

Clean the Wheels

While you start with cleaning the wheels of your RC car, you can take the help of water and soap. For best results, you can use warm water. Wash the wheels thoroughly with the warm water to remove maximum dirt. Once the dirt has been removed, you can apply the soap or detergent on the wheels and can rub them once again to remove the remaining dirt or dust. You can also make use of a toothbrush for the dirt particles that are remaining in between the wheels.

Plastic Body Parts

After cleaning the wheels of the RC car, you can use the same combination of water and soap mixture to clean both the upper and lower layers of the plastic body parts of the car. Make sure not to be too harsh on the parts as it may cause scratches on the parts. Use your hands for removing the sticky dirt particles from the parts.

Clean the Remaining Car

After removing all the necessary parts from the car, make sure that you properly and gently clean the remaining body of the car without causing any damage to the car’s body. Use water and soap mixture to remove the dust and dirt and to make your car shine just like the new one.

Clean the Motor

Once all the parts of the car have been cleaned next comes the turn of one of the most important parts of your RC car and that is the motor of the car. As the majority of the car’s performance depends upon its motor, therefore, it must be cleaned with proper care. To thoroughly clean the motor, you can make the use of the motor cleaner spray or can. Spray the solution of the can into the holes of the electric motor and let it clean the motor with proper rinsing. The solution of the spray will clean the motor inside out by removing all the possible dirt particles from inside the motor. Repeat the process for 2-3 times to be completely sure of the cleaning of the motor.

Reassemble the Car Parts

After you have cleaned all the parts of the RC car, let all the parts dry completely without leaving any moisture. Any remaining moisture in the car can affect the performance of the car. The best thing you can do is to let the parts dry for about 4-5 hours. Once the parts have dried, reassemble them back just like it was earlier. Make sure to use the same screws and nuts as made for the specific section.


Cleaning of your RC car may take special efforts and may consume some of your time but it is essential if you want your RC car to perform without any flaws and effortlessly.