If you are one of those who is a fan of action movies and have always fascinated with their amazing action sequences, then you must also have wished to have the same type of action tanks that are used in the movies. Who can deny the important part that these action toys play in any battle field? To do complete justice with the wishes of the users and to help them get their dream vehicle of their favorite action movie, there have been many brands that are launching the RC tanks.

The battle tanks need no introduction to the action lovers as they always have the required amount of information about them. But for all those who are not that aware of the specifications and information about these rc toys, they are very much identical to the tanks used in action movies and wars. They have been designed with all the latest and trending technologies that can provide the realistic experience of using a tank to the users. These vehicles are well-equipped with all the required features that are sufficient to amaze the users and satisfy their needs.

Best RC Tanks

Remote Control US M1A2 Abrams RC Air Soft RC Battle Tank

This M1A2 Abrams RC tank replica has been the most preferred choice of the people because of the amazing features that it offers to the users. For any of these modles one of the major attractions is the sound that it makes. Keeping this in mind, this toy will give you the exact feel of the battle tank with the startup sound of the motor. Not only this, the tank offers the users with an option of 2 sound effects along with an easy shift from one to another.

It comes with an ability to have a 320-degree turning angle for the turret. It has been designed with the latest and trending technology of 2.4G system which provides it the required power and technology that helps in fulfilling all the advanced level operations. The tank also takes care of reducing the chances of any accident with its safe mode activation. You can be absolutely sure not to shoot accidentally with the safe mode.

M1A2 Abrams RC Tank Pros

  • High speed
  • Traditional design
  • 2 options in the sound with an easy switching
  • Easy to access
  • Affordable price range

M1A2 Abrams RC Tank Cons

  • Expensive
  •  Batteries for the remote control not included


This toy is sufficient enough to provide the user with every feeling that can be done by the real tank. The amazing sound quality helps in creating an aura which makes sure that the user gets the feel of a real battle. The motor and engine of the vehicle are highly performing which makes the tank really convenient and smooth. Safe shooting mode provides the necessary safety requirement. The tank will completely impress the fighter in you.


Leopard 2A6 RC Battle Tank 

If you are looking for nothing but the best in the battle tank category which not only gives you the access to all the operations but also provides you with the most realistic feel when using it, then this RC toy is the right choice for you. The Leopard 2A6 replica RC tank is accompanied with a kit that provides you with the full option of the various operations of the tank. The kit is versatile which makes storing and traveling really convenient.

The product under the brand of Tamiya is popular for being the best main battle tank having all the latest options. The smooth movement, high sound effects, and the most realistic lighting effect enrich the experience of the user. The presence of dual 540 sizes of the motor makes the movement and turning of the tank really smooth. One of the motor handles the basic moving functionality while the other fully supports the turning of the toy.

Leopard 2A6 RC Battle Tank Pros

  • High speed
  • Realistic design
  • Perfect combination of lightning and sound effect
  • High volume speakers
  • Easy to access and understand

Leopard 2A6 RC Battle Tank Cons

  • High price and the completion of the kit requires experience and time


The tank is nothing less than a blast when used with all the options together. You will not regret buying this vehicle because it is worth of every single penny. The realistic experiences will make you not want to put this toy away. If battling the battle ground with perfection is what fascinates you, then this RC vehicle is the right pick for you. Go grab the Leopard 2A6 and win the battles like a champion.


M4A3 Sherman (105mm Howitzer) Tank Air Soft RC Battle Tank

The M4A3 Sherman RC tank replica is another master piece in the collection of the brand HengLong. The vehicle has been designed keeping in mind all the basic and advanced requirements and needs of the users. This model eases its moving and turning movements with its turret having a turning angle of 320 degrees. The turret also provides a total of 320 emulations which is sufficient enough to make the operations of the tank be done with perfection.

Adding to its charm, it comes all set to be used without the need of any installation or anything. This RC vehicle will give you the realistic feel of a battle tank with its high volume speakers and sound along with the equally realistic music and action feel.

M4A3 Sherman Air Soft RC Battle Tank Pros

  • High speed
  • Complete package of the various operations and requirements
  • Perfect combination of sound, action and music requirement
  • Easy to access
  • No need for any assembly or installation
  • Fully control operations ensuring safe functioning

M4A3 Sherman Air Soft RC Battle Tank Cons

  • This M4A3 Sherman replica does not include the needed batteries and the smoke machine may sometimes give you a hard time


It is perfect in impressing users with all the basic and advanced features, functionalities, and options. The 35-degree climbing gradient can automatically adjust its movement according to the varying surface of the road. The tank ensures that you never miss any moment of perfection with this tank and thus has been designed with focusing on all the minute details that the users may expect from it.


Taigen German Tiger 1 Electric Airsoft RC Tank

The German Tiger I RC tank replica is the perfect toy for all those who want to use the tank and also for those who just want a master piece in their collection. The tank has been designed with all the minute details of the tank like the caterpillar tracks for movements, gear box, barrel for the gun, pull ropes, etc. You name it and you have it. the tank leaves no space in impressing the users with its abundance of features and high performing parts.

The tank is easily recharged and is extremely easy to understand to perform all of its operations. The tank is also well-designed to provide a smooth movement of the wheels which is accompanied by the super spinning ability to 360 degrees. The tank can be controlled with the remote control till the range of 25M with the shooting feature of the tank. Not only this, the tank uses a battery of 7.2V 2000mAh which lets this tank to deliver nothing less than perfection.

Taigen German Tiger 1 Electric Airsoft RC Tank Pros

  • High performance
  • Realistic sound and action performance
  • High range of shooting
  • Easy to access
  • Provides a number of operation options
  • Affordable price

Taigen German Tiger 1 Electric Airsoft RC Tank Cons

  • The tank is heavy weight and does not include the batteries needed for the remote control. Thus, the remote control batteries have to be purchased on an individual basis.


If you like your tank to have perfection in its various operations along with delivering perfection in the design and look, then you can never miss this product. The product has been designed to include every possible operation that can be thought of to be performed with the tank. The design of the tank is also made in such a way that all the parts perform their individual operations without interfering with the operations of the other. The motor, engine, parts, etc. will definitely provide you nothing less than a realistic experience.


Panzer Remote Control Mini RC Tank

What are the qualities that are expected from a battle tank? High range of operations, perfection, smooth movement and firing options, high speed, turning turret, etc. will be the possible answers to this question. The Panzer replica RC Tank is a decent option. The vehicle along with giving you the exact feel of the tank provides an endless number of operation options that can be performed with it.

The tank has a rotating turret which can be turned to 360 degrees without any difficulty. It provides the realistic sound and music when operated. The tank can be easily controlled with its speed to ease its movements on a different type of surfaces. The tank has been designed with 3.7V 110mAh battery which provides the required efficiency to the tank to move on the highly flexible plastic tracks.

German Tiger I Panzer RC Tank Pros

  • High speed along with a controlling option to switch in between the speeds
  • Easy to access
  • Color options
  • Realistic experience with the sound and actions
  • Adjustable gun barrel

German Tiger I Panzer RC Tank Cons

  • The tank does not include the batteries for the remote control


The Panzer is the answer to all the requirements of the people who look for the perfect combination of the basic and advanced features of the tank with an easy to access and maintaining ability. Users can make their choice from the different color options available. The real life experience of this RC toy is nothing less than spectacular. It has all the right placements of the parts which will deliver you with the expected performance. The tank has got everything to be your dream tank.


Things to Consider Before Purchasing an RC Tank

Because of the availability of so many options and varieties of the RC tanks in the market, it may sometimes be difficult to choose the right and best-suited one to buy. But you will always get the right deal if a complete focus is given to some of the important aspects of the purchase.

  • You must check the authentication of the purchase
  • You must compare the product with the other options to get the best deal
  • The clear understanding of the basic need and requirement will also help you to buy the desirable product
  • All the specifications of the product must be checked
  • Research the market to be sure about all the aspects of the purchase like the availability of the spare parts of the product


Since technology has completely taken over our world, technical advancements are being used in almost all the areas of our lives just like in many of these RC tanks. The market is full of so many varieties and options for these vehicles, therefore selecting the one that does complete justice to the needs and requirements of the users is very important. A complete analysis must be done before making any final decision on the purchase of the machine. Click these links If you’re looking for aerial RC vehicles or water RC vehicles.